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Sunday, 21 August 2011

50th Anniversary

The Lodge Leeming Bar opened in 1961 as the Leeming Bar Motel. The business is celebrating its 50th year and is seeking memories from people who have visited the service area and hotel over the past 50 years. A new range of special offers for customers in a year-long celebration campaign is also planned and the 50 offers will be made once a week in the coming year and culminate in a major prize for one lucky customer that will be announced when the new motorway is completed.
“The road is changing again with the upgrade to motorway status 50 years on and this seemed an appropriate moment to celebrate our history and we would be very pleased to hear from anyone with stories about their journeys which included a stop here. There must be literally millions of people that have passed through our doors over the 50 years and this should produce some interesting stories. We have also set up a series of special offers that reflect our longevity.” comments owner Carl Les.
Memories can be sent by email or please post a comment via this blog.
For more information please contact:
Carl Les, The Lodge Leeming Bar, Great North Road, A1/A684 Intersection, Bedale, North Yorkshire, DL8 1DT
Tel: 01677 422122, Email:,

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